User age categories: addition of new categories (AFT, FTL, Swiss Tennis)
April 2023

We have updated the age categories available in the Administration > Users menu. These categories can for example be used with the filters to send a grouped message to young people or seniors. They are also available in the export of the Excel file of the users and from the details of a user according to his date of birth. Depending on your sport federation and its rules, this calculation helps you to obtain the precise category of users.

Need to integrate the categories of your federation? Contact us!

Your federation (sport or not) uses particular age categories and you want to integrate them in your application? Do not hesitate to contact us with as much information as possible and we will be happy to integrate them. Among this information, we need the list of categories and the calculation method (year of birth, sports season from date to date, real age, etc.)

Support of AFT, FTL and Swiss Tennis categories

We have integrated the age categories of the Belgian, Swiss and Luxembourg tennis federations:

How to modify the age category template?

Go to the menu Administration > Users > User management. Then click on the three small dots in the upper right corner of the screen, to the right of the "New" button. Then choose "Advanced settings" in the submenu that will appear. A panel will open and you can select the desired template.

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