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Your reservation software for Tennis - Padel and more

OpenResa is an online reservation system that allows you to offer online reservation to your members and outside players in minutes. The management of your club (tennis club, padel, squash, etc.) becomes a pleasure for your club managers and your customers.

Rent your Tennis courts to nearby players

Our reservation system allows you to rent tennis courts or any place or space (fitness, yoga, school gym, swimming pool, etc). Fine tune the reservation rules for each user and sell tickets or reservation points to build customer loyalty.

Optimized for smartphones and tablets

Our online reservation system is designed to offer optimized access on cell phones and touch tablets, regardless of their operating system (Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, Android, etc.).

Suitable for multi-sport clubs

Tennis, Padel, Squash, Badminton, Golf... You can also use OpenResa in your municipality or community of communes to manage and share your different infrastructures.

Online payments with PayPal & Paybox

Make life easier for your users by offering payment for reservations or guests by credit card. We take no commission on sales.

Simplified partner search

Give your users a simple and effective way to find new gaming partners through the classifieds, member directory and integrated messaging system.

Notifications by e-mail and SMS

Each user can activate notifications and receive an e-mail or an SMS when sending a message on the built-in mail or during a reservation.

Integrated Messaging

Simplify communication between players in your organization with integrated messaging system. Take the opportunity to keep them informed of the club's life by sending them a small message regularly.

Entirely free up to 30 users

Test and discover OpenResa without stress on unlimited time!

Your dashboard, simple and complete

What are the busiest weekday slots on courts 1 and 2? Which players logged in from March 1st to 31st 2023? Your dashboard will answer all your questions in a flash!

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Advanced Statistics

Statistical tools at your disposal offer numerous charts and lists to help you operate and analyse all your data in a few clicks.

Occupancy rates by day and hour

Analyze the occupancy rates of each lot to reflect the habits of the members and plan your season successfully.

Reservation log

Consult and sort by period the history of past and future reservations. Select a few filters and export all your data to Excel in one click.

Export your data whenever you want

Export your data at any time in Excel format. As always, you can use filters to refine your search and export what you want.

Manage your users & communicate

Import your members in a few clicks from an Excel file. Use the filters to refine your search and select all or part of the users to perform grouped actions.

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Grouped messages by E-mail and SMS

Filter the list of members according to your criteria and send a group message to the selected members. Customize the layout of your messages and add images and attachments. You can also insert variables to integrate the name of the recipient in the message text.

Access and reservation rights

Configure roles with specific rights (administrator, host, member, visitor, etc.). Create subscriptions to fine-tune reservation rights (reservation quota, weekly limit, free or paid reservation, etc.).

Import / export users

Import your users with a simple Excel or CSV file. Existing users are updated and new ones are added. Login credentials are automatically emailed to new users.

F.F.T. synchronisation - ADOC

Update your OpenResa database in a few clicks to include the latest licenses added on ADOC and remove the old members.

Trash & restoration

The deleted users are moved to the trash, you can restore them at any time! Ideal for sorting at the beginning of the season. Users in the trash are not counted in your OpenResa subscription.

Filters & bulk actions

Carry out grouped actions for selected users (messages, suspensions, deletions, etc) and use filters to refine your search (age categories, type of profile, groups, etc.).

Your customized web space

Create web pages and add the latest club photos to the gallery. Choose from seven color themes and personalize your homepage by adding different content: weather, access map, facebook, RSS feed, text & images, documents, videos, etc.

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Integration on your website

Already have a website? Integrate a login form and calendars into the pages of your existing website. This way you can ensure that everyone goes through your site to book.

No advertising

You will not find any ads on your OpenResa space, except for the logos of your sponsors and partners which you can add in a few clicks.

Online registration

Create and configure a registration form to allow new members and tourists to register with your club to book time slots.

Facebook & Twitter

Earn Likes and maintain your community by integrating your social networks on your homepage.

Google Analytics

Beyond the many built-in statistics tools built into OpenResa, you can create a Google Account to track your audience on the most advanced statistics service.

Google & Bing SEO

Improve your SEO on Google, Bing and others search engine like Qwant. With OpenResa, you'll be in the top spot when a player searches for a club in your city.

Kiosk mode & presence-checking

On a simple computer or a quality touch kiosk available at the club, it's up to you.

Kiosk mode

On a simple computer or a kiosk, activate the OpenResa kiosk mode to permanently display the calendars at the clubhouse. Virtual keyboard included for touchscreen.

Kiosk presence-checking

Ensure that all reservations are honoured by asking members to check-validate their reservations on the computer or kiosk available at the clubhouse.

Anti-vandalism kiosks

Tested and approved by dozens of OpenResa clubs, kiosk provided by our partner Digitronix are independent, quiet and secure (ideal for outdoor situation).

  • 19" to 27" screens with multi touch 10 points
  • Processor Celeron, i3, i5, or i7
  • WiFi, Bluetooth and NFC

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Control access & equipment piloting

OpenResa peut s'interfacer avec vos équipements pour contrôler et sécuriser les accès et piloter l'éclairage ou le chauffage.
Nous pouvons répondre à toutes les situations et contraintes liées à vos infrastructures.

PassPerso personal access codes

The PassPerso solution allows you to automatically assign a personal numerical access code (4 to 8 digits) to each user in your database. This code will allow, for example, to open the door of the club-house and then the door of the reserved court at the times agreed upon during the reservation.

The access code is communicated by e-mail to the user during the creation of the account. It is also displayed on the screen after every reservation and in reservation confirmations sent by e-mail.

PassPerso access codes are generated automatically, you have nothing to do. However, you can change a user's code if necessary or reset all access codes at the beginning of the season in the "User Management" menu.

Contactless RFID badge

The club assigns badges on OpenResa in the "User Management" menu. The user may for example, with his badge, open the door of the club house and the door of the area reserved at the agreed time. The door will open when the badge is near the reader.

Spartime Facilit'Acces®

When making a reservation, the user is given an alphanumeric access code that allows him to open the gate of the field at the times agreed upon at the time of the reservation. This access code can also be available in the form of a QR code depending on the material.

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Reservation software for Tennis - Padel - Squash - Badminton - Table Tennis - Golf - Soccer and more

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