Push notifications are now available on your mobile devices and computers
April 2023

This has been a recurring request that we are happy to finally be able to answer. You can now receive notifications on your mobiles and tablets (Android, iPhone, iPad) and even on your computer.

Push notifications are those little messages that appear on the lock screen of your Android or iOS devices, or overlay the screen when you have it in your hands, they are also available on your Windows and Mac computers with the browsers Chrome (and derivatives), Firefox, Safari or Microsoft Edge.

You can therefore be informed of events and activities in your club, receive your confirmations and reminders of reservations or be kept informed if your reservation is cancelled or modified.

This feature is also available with the application's internal messaging, so you can receive a notification when another user sends you a message or when the club wants to inform you about an event. Of course, like email notifications, you can decide exactly what you want to receive.

When you click on a notification you've received, your club's app will open to that item. For example, if you receive a reservation confirmation, the notification will open the app to the details of that reservation. If you receive a message from Paul offering to play on Saturday, the notification will open the app to the discussion.

How to activate and configure push notifications?

Go to the My Account > Settings > Notifications menu and then go to the Push tab. To enable notifications, simply tap the "Enable push notifications on this device" switch. Your device will then ask you for permission to send notifications and off you go!

On a computer :

On a mobile :

Note that notifications are enabled "per device", if you have a mobile and a tablet, then you will have to repeat the operation on each of your devices. Notification settings are cross-device, if you disable the "when making a new reservation" notifications, they will be disabled on all devices that you have activated.


This feature is available on most of the modern browsers we list below:

  • Google Chrome, and all browsers based on the Chromium engine (Brave, Edge, Arc Browser, ...)
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Safari Mac (version 16 and +)
  • Safari iOS iPhone / iPad (version 16.4 and +, requires installation of the app on your home screen)

On iOS (iPhone / iPad), push notifications are only available since version 16.4 (latest version as of April 24, 2023). Moreover, the feature is only available from the applications installed on the home screen, so you will have to install the app of your club beforehand by clicking on the "Share" button of Safari (at the bottom of the screen in the middle) and then by going to the "Add to the home screen" menu.

The OpenResa team is at your disposal if you need help or have questions!