Weather forecasts: more precise data up to 14 days, details by time slot up to 96 hours and also on calendars by day
March 2023

We've updated the weather forecast integration on your booking calendar and homepage widget. We used to use weather data from DarkSky, and after they were acquired by Apple, we switched to a new data provider - This new provider offers more accurate data from some of the world's leading weather stations and data providers, all of which are closely monitored to ensure consistency and accuracy around the clock.

You now get up to 14 days of forecasts with 96 hourly accuracy. We've taken advantage of this change to improve the presentation of the data, both on the computer and on smaller mobile screens.

More comprehensive forecasts

We take advantage of all the data provided. On the menu of new features, the UV index makes its appearance, it is also possible to know the time of sunrise and sunset, the wind power gains a precision on the gusts and a confidence index (probability) is displayed for the precipitation forecast.

Also on mobile!

Tap on the day's header to see the forecast details on mobile and tablets:

Daily calendars are no longer excluded

Forecasts appear on the "Calendars by day" view, for the moment only on computers and tablets. A button displaying the maximum temperature forecast for the day is available in the upper right corner of the screen, just left of the zoom menu. A click on this button displays the forecast for the day.

A fine integration directly on the slots

You benefit from hourly accurate forecasts for the first 96 hours. We have decided to take advantage of this and display a preview of the forecast directly on the time slots.

On computer, drag the mouse on the time slot to see an icon representing the forecast. On mobile or touch screens, touch and hold the slot.

More data, including on the booking form

The forecast display has been improved on the booking form. By default, a compact view of the information is displayed, including the icon, temperature, wind, rain and % cloud cover. Clicking on this insert now displays more details, including wind gusts and UV index. All this is also available on mobile of course.

The widget on your home page has also been updated

The OpenResa team at your service!