Neop - Connected locks and lighting management
June 2022

We are pleased to announce that your OpenResa app is now compatible with the Neop access control solution!

Already a Neop customer? Contact the Neop team to get "organization" level API credentials and go to Administration > Settings > Access Control > Neop to configure your Neop spaces on OpenResa. Contact us if you need help.

Neop is a French company specialized in access security & lighting management through connected locks.

When the player books a slot on BalleJaune or OpenResa, an ephemeral access code is sent to him on the screen, in the email & SMS notifications and in his booking history. This code allows him to open the access door and activate the lighting at the reserved times.

You can also set up permanent badges and codes for club managers, maintenance staff, etc.

More information on their website:

Compatible with multiple indoor and outdoor installations


No power supply available? Opt for the solar kit!

No internet connection at the club? Choose the 4G connected solution!

The 4G code reader is a badge reader and keyboard with ephemeral and permanentcodes. It is driven by a control element, the 4G Hub. It is connected via the GSM 2G/3G/4G mobile data network, allowing it to be operational without the need for an additional network. It is waterproof and thin to be placed inside or outside. It can control any type of electric lock such as electric strikes, or electromagnets.

More information on their website: