Your club's app on iPhone / iPad and Android devices
July 2018

The BalleJaune service has been adapted and optimized for touch screens for many years. Since the conception of the new version in 2012, we have adopted the "responsive" technique in order to adapt the interface on small screens (mobile) as well as on large ones (tablets, computers). Since then, our goal remains the same: to offer you an optimal browsing experience regardless of the screen resolution and, as far as possible, regardless of the power of the connected device.

The Chrome (Android) and Safari (iPhone / iPad) browsers have long offered the possibility of adding a website icon to the device's home screen. However, this possibility is still unknown to many.

Usually, you open your web browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox...) and enter the URL of the club to log in and make a reservation. Very often, the access is done from a search engine such as Google, which adds an extra step to make a reservation.

To address this issue, we are in the process of rolling out an "Install" button on the club pages. By tapping this new button, you can install the club's application on your device and access it much faster - no need to open the web browser to book at your favorite club!

Android (Chrome)

On Android with the Google Chrome 45 browser and above, just click on the "Install" button to display a confirmation window. Choose the "Add" button to create the application on your home screen. You're done!

iOS (iPhone / iPad)

On Apple devices with Safari browser, click on the share icon and then select the "On home screen" icon. This manipulation is explained after pressing the "Install" button (see video below).

Since iOS 11.3 or higher, the generated application opens in full screen: the address bar and the browser controls disappear and the status bar matches the club color.

The procedure is identical on iOS 11.2 and below, the only difference is that the application opens directly in the Safari browser. so the address bar and browser controls remain visible.

On apple tablets we do not yet show an "Install" button as shown on iPhone in the video above. However, the procedure is the same: touch the share button located on the right of the address bar (1) and then select the "On the home screen" icon (2):

The BalleJaune - Openresa team remains at your disposal.