Email - SMS Notifications: New option to disable messages sent by the club
March 2018

Users may receive messages from the clubs in which they are registered. These messages are sent via the internal mailbox of BalleJaune and can also be sent by e-mail and/or SMS.

Until now, the user did not have the possibility to deactivate the e-mail & SMS sent by the club. We now offer a new option in the My Account > Notifications menu that allows the user to choose whether or not they wish to receive these communications.

By disabling the new "When the club sends me a message" option, the user will no longer receive any email/SMS notifications but will continue to receive messages from the club on the internal messaging system and will be able to view them when logging into the app to reserve a time slot. This allows the club to continue to communicate with all of its users while taking into account the choices of each.

Overview of the new option available in the My Account > Notificationsmenu

Overview of the internal messaging of the application

The BalleJaune / OpenResa team.