Public schedules to be integrated: correction of bugs
February 2018

The "Public Schedules" module allowing you to integrate the reservation tables on your BalleJaune homepage and on your website pages has been updated in order to correct several bugs

  • on iOS (iPhone / iPad) a display bug was preventing the user from scrolling from left to right. This was a problem when more than two fields had to be displayed: only the first two fields were visible and functional.
  • the "Zoom" setting to manage the enlargement of the slots was not taken into account correctly.
  • the header bar which contains the date selector is now permanently displayed even after scrolling inside the frame.
  • the date selector has been optimized for an optimized display on mobile and small screen resolutions.

Go to the menu Administration > Website & communication > Public schedules to create templates and integrate them on your BalleJaune pages or your website pages (a simple copy / paste is enough).

Overview of the public schedules integrated on a BalleJaune homepage: players can consult the reservation tables quickly without having to log in. The schedules can also be integrated on all the pages of your website by a simple copy / paste.

The BalleJaune / OpenResa team is at your disposal if you have any questions or need help.