User management: reorganized user data with integrated statistics
June 2024

We've just updated your Administration > Users > User management module with a number of aesthetic, practical and functional changes.

Reorganized user data

With the addition of new input fields on user detail sheets over the time, it was sometimes a little difficult to find one's way around. We have corrected this slight confusion by drastically reorganizing the various elements into coherent sections: Login details, Permissions, Contact details, Information, etc.

If necessary, you can hide certain sections to display only what you need, and the setting will persist as you navigate through the various detailed sheets.

We've also taken the opportunity to redesign the action buttons (flag, call, message, suspend, notes, etc.). They are now more prominent, appear with an elegant animation and are in the colors of the theme selected by your club.

Integrated statistics

A new action button now gives you access to a user statistics dashboard that will soon be enhanced with new data. You can see at a glance the dates of additions and modifications, as well as a graph of the user's connections and bookings over the last twelve months.

New display density setting

The new display density setting we mentioned in the last article also makes its appearance, allowing you to adjust the size of user photos as required.

The OpenResa team at your service!