System time closures: set a random delay for opening the reservation
May 2022

The system's time closures feature, accessible from the Administration > Settings menu, allows the club to set times when users cannot make reservations. For example, some clubs want users to be able to make reservations only during the club's open hours, from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm. If the player logs in at 10:45pm to make a reservation, the reservation will be denied and the player will have to wait until 8am the next morning to make a reservation.

A new option, activated by default, has been put in place to bring a little more fairness at the time of opening the reservation on the most popular slots. Indeed, it often happens that some players connect at 8:00 am sharp to reserve the most requested slots, thus always granting themselves the most beautiful slots while the one who is not connected at 8:00 am will not be able to reserve the most requested slots.the player who is not present at the opening time is unable to get the best slots.

To overcome this problem, we have implemented a new option that consists of defining a random delay
of 1 to 5 minutes
on the reopening time of the reservation. This delay of a few minutes is calculated and updated every 24 hours for each user and allows us to reshuffle the cards a bit.

For example, the reopening time of the reservation is 8:00 am. User A will be given a 1 minute delay today and will be able to book from 8:01 am only, while player B will be given a 3 minute delay and will be able to start booking from 8:03 am. The next day, the time limit is randomly updated by an algorithm and player A will be allowed to book from 8:00am while player B will be allowed to book from 8:01am.

If you want to activate or deactivate this option, go to the menu Administration > Settings > System time closures, there you will find an option called "Random delay for opening the reservation":

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