Your application is now available in 29 languages
aprilie 2023

We have made an update last week to internationalize your booking application even more. 19 new languages are now available and the language selector has been changed.

Previously you could choose between the different languages available, now we offer you to choose your country and the different languages available in it. This change aims to bring more consistency and power to the translations by taking into account the currencies and date formats of each country, where previously the "French" language used the euro and the French date format without taking into account the fact that your club could be in Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Canada or another French-speaking country.

This update also aims to take into account the variants of the same language. For example the Brazilian Portuguese is slightly different from the language spoken in Portugal, the American English is also different from the English spoken in Great Britain...

The choice of the country (and thus of the language) is made as before, generally at the top or bottom of the page. The selected country and its flag now appear instead of the language. A click opens a window allowing you to search and select the country of your choice. If we detect that you are located in Switzerland, we will automatically display this country and all its languages at the top of the list to facilitate the selection:

Here is the list of languages available at this time:

  • French
  • English
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • Dutch
  • Portuguese (Portugal)
  • Portuguese (Brazilian)
  • Greek
  • Swedish
  • Polish
  • Norwegian
  • Danish
  • Finnish
  • Turkish
  • Latvian
  • Romanian
  • Indonesian
  • Slovenian
  • Czech
  • Slovak
  • Bulgarian
  • Russian
  • Ukrainian
  • Lithuanian
  • Hungarian
  • Estonian
  • Chinese (simplified)
  • Croatian (partial, under translation)

The OpenResa team at your service!