User management: setting up custom fields
aprilie 2022

It is now possible to configure up to three custom fields in your user management module. This can be useful for adding custom data to your database.

The Import a File and Export a File modules have also been updated to accommodate these new columns.

By default custom fields are disabled. To enable them, go to the Administration > Users > User Management menu, click on the icon with three small vertical dots in the upper right corner, then go to the Advanced Settings submenu:

Scroll down the Advanced Settings to find a section called "Custom Fields". Check the box to the left of the field to enable it and customize the field name if needed.

Check the "Modifiable by the user" option if you want the user to be able to edit this information in the "My Account" menu, otherwise the user will have read-only access to this information.

Once activated, the custom fields will appear on the user's record:

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