Verifone e-commerce (Paybox): integration of the new DSP2 / 3DSv2 standard
octombrie 2021

The PSD2 is a European directive whose objective is to fight fraud by making all payment players more accountable. It provides a framework for new players such as PISPs and AISPs, strengthens the control powers of regulators and tightens the conditions for issuing approvals. For online merchants, strong authentication of the payment cardholder is generalized.

We have integrated the necessary changes to accept this new standard in your application. You don't have to do anything.

If you receive a call from Paybox Verifone technical support, you can confirm that the necessary steps have been taken and that they can switch your account to PSD2 / 3D Secure v2.

The BalleJaune & OpenResa team at your service!