If you are looking for more information about Kratom, there are several ways to get it.  is a non-profit organization focused on consumer health and safety. It offers forums to those in pain, and advocates for the safe and effective use of Kratom. They represent the interests of millions of Americans who are using this plant as a medicine to treat a wide variety of ailments. is an organization comprised of people who are concerned with the misinformation being spread in the industry. The group has created several petitions in response to this misinformation campaign. One of these petitions is directed at the C.E.O. of WebMD, one of the world's most popular health websites. However, it should be noted that WebMD only provides health information that is in accordance with FDA regulations. also provides certification to Kratom vendors. This certification helps consumers know that they're getting quality products from legitimate vendors. The organization also monitors vendor manufacturing practices and products. If they break any rules, they will be kicked out of the program. Don't order from a vendor without seal of approval.
In addition to these initiatives, also works to educate the public about the benefits of Kratom. This organization has an outreach program and publishes accurate information on its website. These efforts aim to promote Kratom use and ensure that it's safe for all consumers. also strives to educate government agencies and lawmakers about the plant's potential benefits. is an advocate of safe Kratom use, and they helped pass laws in Georgia and Utah. Additionally, they are working with lawmakers and vendors to ensure that the substance remains legal in the United States. By doing so, can help ensure that the supply chain remains intact. In addition, is actively engaged in lobbying efforts in Indonesia and other countries to ensure that the product is safe and regulated. also provides information about legal issues related to Kratom. Their website includes an email template to contact your congressperson. Besides providing the right information for consumers, the organization also provides a platform for users to voice their opinions on the product. The website also offers pre-written letters and emails that are easy to customize.
Jones is a Kratom user and advocates for its legality and safety. He believes that dialogue is the best path to a solution. Moreover, he supports the creation of a comprehensive policy prescription to protect the Kratom industry. So, he is eagerly waiting for the next steps.'s regulations are designed to ensure quality products and prevent fraud. These regulations also ensure transparency in the production and sale of Kratom. Besides, the organization also highlights the efforts of conscientious manufacturers and vendors. It also endorses Good Manufacturing Processes, or GMPs. Furthermore, it ensures that Kratomproducts are safe and made using the latest technology.

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