Consecutive bookings: new option to always display participant's names and some adjustments
marts 2023

Since February 26th and the update of the calendar interface, we have opted for a new default behavior consisting in hiding the names of the participants on a reservation spanning several consecutive slots, these names then appear only on the first occupied time slot.

We now offer you a new option called Show participants on consecutive slots, available in the menu Administration > Settings > Calendars > Display preferences. By activating this option, you will restore the old behavior of displaying participant's names on all slots:

Option disabled (default)

Option enabled

Some adjustments

We also made some adjustments in the presentation of these consecutive slots. On the one hand, the unsightly white border separating each slot has been removed to allow for a more elegant flat color. On the other hand, the icon in the form of three small dots introduced in the last update has been removed.



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