Bury Squash Club

Bury Squash Club


Join the squash ladder at www.squash-ladder.com 

  Membership Requests


To enjoy squash at Bury Sports Club you are required to set up a membership for the Club.

Memberships are paid by a standing order of £5.00 per month for adults. If you would like to set up a membership please email burysquash@gmail.com and we will share details of how this can be done.

Once your membership is activated you will be able to use all of the facilities at the club including Rugby, Squash, Cricket and Chess as well as use of the function rooms for private celebrations.

Access to squash courts is 24/7 for members and car parking is FREE

  Lancashire Tournament

If you missed the last one, here's the details for the November comp.



Here's a nice slo-mo video that show the correct technique for good preparation and striking of the ball.