Reorganize club account settings
ožujka 2023

We have reworked the "Account settings" module, available from the Administration > Settings menu. Previously split into three tabs (subscription, contact details and geolocation), we have opted for a more coherent presentation with all the settings on a single page.

You will find a first section "Subscription & billing" where you can check the status of your current subscription and the history of your invoices. The sections "Identity" and "Web address" gather the various parameters of the old module "Club name & web address". Finally, the sections "Contact details" and "Regional settings" close the step.

The old "Geolocation" tab has been moved to a new dedicated module with a new option to hide your club from our geolocation search application. The precise geolocation of your club is important, especially for calculating the weather forecast. Think to take a look at it to check its accuracy.

The OpenResa team at your service!