Terminal mode: improved virtual keyboard and added QWERTY (English, Spanish) and QWERTZ (German) layout
lipnja 2018

The virtual keyboard proposed with the public terminal mode has been updated. It was until now limited to the AZERTY layout in French, it is now also available in QWERTY (English, Spanish) and QWERTZ (German).

Some bugs have been fixed under the hood and we have slightly reworked the design for better ergonomics. Among the main changes :

  • the first row of keys and the auxiliary keys (shift, alt, space) are now slightly darker gray to highlight the alphabetic keys
  • the @ sign now appears in the upper left corner of the keyboard for quick access,
  • an effect has been added on the different keys to mark the hover and the pressure, the key takes the yellow/orange color after a mouse click or a pressure on the touch screen,
  • the secondary characters accessible with the "Shift" and "AltGr" keys are now displayed in the upper left corner of each key (see image below, the "cedilla" appears on key 9).

Finally, until now, the keyboard was only activated on the "Search" field in the "With a partner" tab of the booking form. We have gone a step further by integrating the keyboard on the online registration form and also on the "Labels" and "Guest(s)" tabs of the reservation form.

Go to the Administration > Settings > Configure Terminal Mode menu to activate the virtual keyboard and choose among the proposed layouts:

The BalleJaune - OpenResa team is at your service!