New administration area
prosinca 2017

Dear clubs and managers, we are pleased to inform you that and will be updated in the coming days. Below you will find a few previews of the upcoming changes.

The upcoming update is mainly focused on the administration area. We have reworked all the modules in order to offer you a more coherent and comfortable interface, whether on a mobile, a tablet or a computer.

Several bugs have also been fixed and many improvements and changes "under the hood" have been made to prepare the future of BalleJaune and its future evolutions.

Simplified navigation

We have simplified the "Administration" menu as much as possible. This one will remain accessible from the top right wheel and will be your entry point to the administration area. You will find four sections: Dashboard, Users, Website & Communication and finally the Settings section:

Click on one of these sections to access your new administration area and its new integrated menu in the form of a side panel:

The different modules of each section remain permanently accessible with one click. No need to go looking for the cogwheel to access a different section or module.

Your dashboard

The new "Activity Summary" view will give you a complete overview of your club's activities over a customized period.

The modules from the old "Lists & Statistics" section move to the "Dashboard" section. You have all the logs and statistics modules at your fingertips (reservation log, payments received, connections...).

Improved user management

The "User Management" module also benefits from the new interface. The list of users now takes up the entire width of the screen (on a computer) and you can also customize the columns of the table to your liking. User selection and grouped actions have also been redesigned.

The user form has been completely rewritten with a new tabless and denser layout that displays a maximum of information without unnecessary clicks or scrolling. The interface is also more comfortable on mobile with a new "call" button to quickly call a user.

Filters are still accessible via a dedicated button in the upper right corner of the module. The layout has been redesigned with only two columns and we have integrated a search field to facilitate filter selection:

Website & communication

The "Customize" section becomes "Communication" and gathers all the modules related to your web space (homepage, web pages, photos, etc.), member communication and web integration.

A new module "Google & Bing referencing" appears. You can now customize the title and description that will be displayed in the results of major search engines.

Your settings gathered

All your settings in one place. The "Schedules" section (schedule configuration, close slots, etc.) has been moved to the "Settings" section. We have rewritten all the modules with the new interface and the obscure "Advanced Options" module which contained dozens of various options disappears in favor of new specific and independent modules.

The BalleJaune / OpenResa team remains at your disposal if you have any questions or need help.